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Our Vendors are:  Creative, Amazing, Loving, Idea driven, Crafty, Outstanding!  (Calico!). And above all, TALENTED!  We are getting  new vendors and new items almost everyday! They really do incredible arts and crafts! Lets meet them!

Chellie B: Chellie is a nature and commercial photographer. She isn’t your “typical” photographer. She prints on many different mediums and has sold her prints all over the world. She is also the owner of Calico Umbrella. This venture represents a dream come true.

Lori F: Lori is a partner in Calico Umbrella. She creates many cool and unique items for each season of the year. Lori has excellent organizational and display skills is extremely organized and her display skills are amazing. When Lori isn't helping at Calico Umbrella, She is a busy Executive and we are super happy to have her here at Calico Umbrella

Mia L: Mia is a very talented painter! She has held many jobs as a commercial artist and we are very excited to have her here. Mia will be teaching a painting class very soon. The beautiful birch tree mural at Calico Umbrella was painted by Mia. 

Mary H:  Mary has many talents. Her love of painting and sewing started early, before elementary school. She creates what inspires her, which is amazing work! Right now, we currently carry her mittens, quilted wall-hangings, and fleece ponchos and carseat covers. Her mittens are AMAZING and one of our best sellers.

Alice H:  Alice is also a woman of many talents! She makes the most amazing fleece blankets! They are not your typical blanket and they are very warm! She also makes tumblers and metal signs. All beautifully crafted. 

Terry B:   Terry has brought some very popular items into Calico Umbrella. He creates hand spun wood bowls and vases. They are very pretty! He also brought some rock and driftwood people with googley eyes that his parents made in the 1970's. They are so cool! 

Ashlyne:  Ashlyne is a busy mom of 7! She and her family have created many beautiful wood ornaments, earrings, and rosaries. They are finely crafted and very unique. 


Valerie D:  Valerie brought her beautiful driftwood and glass bead wall hangings to the boutique. The driftwood was gathered from the shores of  Lake Michigan. They are so beautiful! You will have to come check them out in our amazing sunlight. 


Carol U:   Not only was Carol signed up as one of our first crafters, she was the first one to make a sale when Calico Umbrella opened! It took the first customer only 8 minutes to purchase Carol's items. She makes seasonal and holiday centerpieces along with porch pots. She also creates cute seasonal items using glass, wood and clothing. 

Shauna P:  Shauna is a woman of many talents! She creates these knit hats that are not only functional they are gorgeous! She also creates jewelry from resin and Polymer clay, ribbon roses, fleece scarves. We are looking forward to Shauna teaching classes here!

Sarah SSarah is our resident crocheted towel maker! These towels are made with high quality towels and yarn. We have a towel for every occasion.

June B:   June has been sewing since she was a little girl. She has taught many classes including crochet, quilting and other classes.  She has blessed us with her 

her quality quilting items. These include table toppers, quilts and table runners. They are so amazing!

Michele F: Michele is our resident Alcohol Ink artist. She has created many unique items with alcohol ink. She has items done on paper, canvas and ceramic tiles. One of her classes is available now!

Naomi L: Naomi brought the cutest bows into the boutique. These amazing bows are made out of old hankies and ribbons. So perfect for babies and girls. 

Emily D:  AMAZING! AMAZING is the word that is brought to mind when you see Emily's creations. She hand paints and creates sola flowers. They are AMAZING, did I type that already?

Teresa C: Teresa reuses broken and old jewelry to create fabulous new and gorgeous jewelry! There are so many unique and beautiful pieces.  Teresa offers free gifts with every purchase! 

MORE WILL BE Updated soon we have over 48 unique vendors

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