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This is Chellie Bock from Calico Umbrella. Thank you so much for your interest in Calico Umbrella Boutique! 


Why the name Calico Umbrella. Calico material is bright, full of colorful objects and brings a smile to faces. JUST LIKE ALL OF US CREATORS. Umbrella because we all are under one roof or umbrella. I think it is fun and a unique name for a business like this.

Who I am and what I am all about

I love arts and crafts! I LOVE THEM!!!! I have always known my life’s purpose is to create. I have been creating since I was very young. Somewhere along the line, in high school, I was told this wasn’t what the real world was all about and I needed to start thinking about a real job. I studied accounting and economics (YAWN) worked in the accounting world for over 25 years. At the 25 year mark, I started taking photographs. I would take night classes and soon realized I needed to do this full time. I quit my job and did school full-time. I now work doing what I love which is art and design with an emphasis on photography. I am a nature and commercial photographer.

My Background with showing arts and crafts

I have done small craft shows, HUGE shows, I have been a featured artist at the Home and Garden Shows, I have been a boutique vendor, I have sold my items in retail shops. I have an extensive background selling my items on ETSY, EBAY and on my websites. I truly am business minded and currently own Lakeland Barber Shop with my husband Bob. I look forward to sharing my experience with you as we grow this boutique.


People have asked my what my goals are for this boutique. I have done MANY shows. I am tired of setting up and taking down only to make my entry fee back in sales. I have always wanted a boutique where I could work with like minded creators. I wanted a spot where I could leave it set up and keep my items on display. Calico Umbrella is my dream being fulfilled. My goal is to not do any more shows and open a boutique where I can sell year round.

Why a boutique?

The definition of a boutique is a small business which is sophisticated, fashionable and fun! Who wouldn’t want a boutique? Everything is set up like a boutique. Meaning all of our items are put out together to make it a really unique boutique. Each person will NOT have their own space. Items are displayed with thoughtfulness and care to make sure everything can be seen and accessed.

What else will you do at Calico Umbrella?

We will also be holding classes, spring focused shows and many how-to-do it videos. 

Thank you for your support

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