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Welcome To Calico Umbrella! Take your coat off, sit, stay awhile! Can I grab you a beverage?

Updated: Mar 1

I love that you joined me here today. I am sure you are curious about what exactly this is, who we are, and most importantly, what is Calico Umbrella!

Calico Umbrella is an art collective. We have some of the most talented and skilled members in the area! Our members include weekend crafters to full time professional artists. We are all having our shows together, which benefits the shopper. We have funny items, serious items, and just about everything you can think of. If you haven't stopped by to shop, I am just saying you should do it today!

So, what sorts of items do you have?

As of today, we have 64 vendors here at Calico Umbrella. So many unique gift ideas! One of the unique brands we carry is Fugly Soap Company. They have the best natural lotions and soaps. My favorite scent is the rosemary & mint! I can't keep it on the shelf! Another cute thing we have are crocheted animals, which are perfect as a baby shower gift or a snuggly buddy for your own little one. These bring back so many memories of my childhood! These are unique and expertly crafted. These are just two items; there are so many more items to look at and admire.

Classes? Do you teach classes at Calico Umbrella?

Yes we do! We post all the classes on Facebook, Instagram, and on our website. We will have at least have two classes each month. What classes are being taught? Right now we have painting, alcohol ink, ribbon roses, diamond painting, photography, gardening, sign making and so many more! All are taught by people who are outstanding creators in these mediums. Why not gather the folks, the kids, friends or whoever and just sign up? Try something new. YOU CAN DO IT! I believe in you (truly, I do)!

We are expanding! What does that mean?

As most of you know, Calico Umbrella is located in the old People Loving People Thrift Store. Since the thrift store has closed, we will be expanding our store and classrooms. This should happen by the end of March 2023. With this expansion, we will be able to include more vendors and additional people in our classes.

What are some of the new things happening under The Umbrella?

We have so many fun things planned!

One of the fun things we are doing is a subscription art box. These boxes will come out quarterly. (March, June, September and December)

Art Subscription Box? Yup! We have an art subscription box. This box contain a step by step art project along with some special treasures from our vendors. It is a great way to do art at home with the help of one of our professionals!

Our subscription box has two levels you can join at: Seasonal membership means you pay each time to get a box. Your subscription will not automatically renew. This option is $49.99 per box.

For our Annual Membership for the subscription box, you sign up and then get 4 boxes automatically. These boxes come out March, June, September and December. The cost for an annual membership is $175.95 That is a $25 savings when you sign up for it annually.

These are amazing projects you can do at home. Why not create something special?

New exciting kid art classes

We are currently working up some very exciting kid art classes for this summer! Watch our webpage, Facebook and Instagram for the details!

Well, thanks for stopping by! This is truly a unique store! I bet you will find some things you have never seen before!

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